When There’s Too Much Advice, Turn to What’s Easy and What Works.

It’s the worst advice you have ever received; a way to cure a hangover. Sure, maybe it will, but the advice comes with all these barriers. If you are going out to have fun, then why be placed with restrictions? Trying to beat a hangover can be the equivalent of going round for round with a boxer. It really shouldn’t be this complicated, but it is.


What They Tell You to Do BEFORE You Drink.

  • They tell you to line your stomach with food before you party.
  • They tell you to drink plenty of water. Really, the rule is to drink loads of water before you drink. That’s great, but what if your drinking plans are last minute and you’re not really a water drinker.
  • They tell you stock up. On what? You’re drinking. This isn’t the apocalypse.
  • They tell you to keep in shape. Let’s just stop right there.


What They Tell You to Do WHILE You’re Drinking.

  • They tell you to keep it light. Don’t drink the dark stuff, it will make you sick. That’s great, but what if your drink of choice is your favorite man, Jack Daniels? You can’t stop drinking good ole’ Jack just so you can be headache free the following day.
  • They even tell you to walk home. That’s great. Now, if only you lived in a cushy loft above the bar.
  • They tell you to pace yourself. What a novel idea, but it’s your best friend’s birthday and they need to do their birthday shots. There’s no stopping this train.

There are way too many rules. It just never ends.


What They Tel You to Do AFTER You Drink.

So what about the real advice you are given to cure a hangover. The advice you receive and need after you have consumed two large barrels of Jack.

  • They tell you to take painkillers. Go ahead, if you can get out of bed.
  • They tell you to replace your salts. That’s great too, if you could just reach the fridge or the car to make it to the store.
  • They tell you to take Borage capsules. They are these pills you take before you drink. They claim to cure a hangover. However, have you priced those things? What’s even more discouraging about these pills are they may not even work. So go ahead and dish out your hard earned cash for a pill that may or may not work.
  • They tell you to drink the hair of the dog that bit you. That’s right people, roll out another barrel of Jack’s finest. We’re starting this train ride over. Instead, you could drink juice, milk, or ginger tea, but honestly, that all sounds like a lot of work.
  • The worst advice ever is this: distract yourself. Open your phone and watch some boring videos. That’s great, but it’s daylight, and my head is pounding.
  • They also tell you to NOT drink coffee. Hold up, what about all those movies I watch where the first thing they do is brew a fresh cup of joe? Drinking your favorite brew should be saved for the days when you have more things to do than humanly possible. Apparently coffee makes you lose water and you need water for that nasty hangover your trying to cure.
  • They say to sleep it off. Actually, that’s not a bad idea, but what if it’s Monday and you’re out of sick days?


With all thisinformation, it’s a wonder you don’t need a notebook just to remember it. There is something that will let you have the fun you deserve, without the small book in your pocket to help you become the functioning adult you were meant to be the next day. It’s called Zero Hangover and it is simple and easy. You won’t need to be a downer at every event just so you can make it the next day. All you have to do is drink Zero Hangover in its 2 oz. container before you start drinking and you will never regret drinking again.

Zero Hangover works because it is fortified with magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin B, and other essential vitamins and nutrients. Zero Hangover helps speed up the process converting alcohol in your liver. Zero Hangover is scientifically proven to work. A plus for this great product, is its taste. Zero hangover has a sweet citrus taste.

What the makers of Zero Hangover have done is take that small book of advice and put it into a 2 oz. bottle. Forget trying to defeat your hangover with advice that doesn’t work. Get a start on your night out, by building up a defense system to help your body break down the alcohol in your body and leave you feeling great in the morning. Drink without the regret. Drink Zero Hangover.

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