Hangover Remedies

Hangover Remedies that Work


Alcohol added with poor judgment on your part and a bunch of good friends make good recipe for hangover. It gets worse when your glass is the size of a bowl, bartender is generous to refill, and plenty of libations to go around. Drinking in moderation is the best way to prevent yourself from the horrible feeling of hangover when you wake up. The decision to drink comes with responsibility and probably a taxi to help you stay safe.


Hangover is not sign of healthy condition and this is why doctors never recommend overindulging, even when it is at special annual occasion. Getting stuck with terrible headache, nausea, and dehydration is bad enough, but then you look at the mirror only to see your red eyes and parched mouth before you sink back to bed. Hangover is awful but actually natural body reaction to an over-consumption of alcohol, but it does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Even when NHS Choices says that hangover cures are generally myth, it still suggests that some remedies are available. In an article published by British Medical Journal, there is no convincing evidence to suggest that any complementary and conventional intervention is effective for treating and preventing hangover, so the best way to avoid the symptoms is abstinence or at least moderation.


It does not happen very often, but once in a great while scientists and doctors can be excessively conservative. In reality, some hangover remedies actually work very well. Here are some things you can do to reduce the symptoms.


  1. Hair of the Dog


A publication in Oxford University Press clearly states that alcohol hangover develops when the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is on its way to return to zero. The most common indication is “a feeling of general misery” that may last for more than 24 hours. By definition, hangover is an inevitable body reaction to restore normal condition. Human body has its own mechanism to fight against the effects of alcohol, but a complete restoration can take too long unfortunately.


Returning to zero BAC is the important point; depending on your body weight, metabolism speed, and how many drinks you had last night, the process can take about 24 hours or so. Drinking a bottle of beer can stave off the process, and therefore reducing hangover symptoms. If you had some drinks last night, you’ll still be drunk this morning, so don’t drive to work or anywhere.


  1. Hydration


By hydration, we mean drinking water, not more alcohol. It is even better if you drink electrolyte-rich beverages. An article published on National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) explains that alcohol is diuretic. In simple words, alcohol prevents your kidney from reabsorbing water, so you need to urinate more. Urination drains electrolytes from your body, leading to dehydration the next morning. To reduce the severity of your dehydration, have an electrolyte-rich drink that you can get from any convenience store. If you plan to drink alcohol tonight, keep some bottles of electrolytes in your refrigerator.


Tap water can also help. Please remember that water at room temperature is more quickly absorbed by the body, so avoid cold water. More often than not, the nausea makes it bad idea to drink water but you can always eat water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, and some vegetables.


  1. Good breakfast


You need to change your typical breakfast menu as well. It is recommended to eat before you drink, but hunger after drinking also worsens hangover symptoms. Some foods are excellent sources of electrolytes. Starchy foods, such as bread or crackers, can be good hangover remedies because they are easy to digest and known to effectively raise blood sugar. Hunger and nausea do no really get along well with each other, so you need to eat something that settles the stomach for examples ginger and spinach. Bouillon soup (vegetable-based broth) is good source of minerals and vitamins to refill depleted resources. You can easily digest this even with fragile stomach.


  1. Sleeping it off


If you had many drinks, you probably stayed up late too. Believe it or not, one of the best hangover remedies is staying asleep. Unless you have something important to do in the morning, like going to work, don’t get up early. Alcohol can make you pass out easily, but it actually decreases quality of sleep. Waking up late can indeed help with hangover symptoms.


  1. Coffee


Caffeine has nothing to do with hangover, but it can be a lifesaver when you need to work. A combination of sleep deprivation and low blood sugar makes you feel drowsy, and two cups of coffee easily increase your awareness.


  1. Vitamins for hangover Vitamins


A multivitamin pill is also an excellent remedy. Some vitamins have high concentration of antioxidant to replenish your body. Magnesium can help relax the muscles as well. Over-the-counter painkillers can also help to relieve headaches and muscle cramps. Avoid aspirin because it can irritate stomach and worsen your nausea. Paracetamol-based remedies are more preferable.


The All-in-One Remedy


Each of the aforementioned hangover remedies basically address only one issue at a time. Drinking electrolytes is for hydration, eating soup is for relieving hunger and nausea, taking vitamins is to increase your sense of awareness, and staying asleep makes it generally easier to cope with hangover symptoms. Now there is an all-in-one remedy that addresses most symptoms at the same time. It is a combination of vitamins, minerals, sugar, and ginger in one package called Zero Hangover drink. In addition, it comes with sweet citrus taste.

Hangover Remedies


You probably have encountered plenty of products claiming to be hangover remedies, but Zero Hangover is the only U.S. patented one. Every bottle of 60ml contains the following ingredients:


  • Amino Acids including L-arginine to help with oxidation process of alcohol. According to WebMD, some people also use this for improving athletic performance and boosting immune system.
  • A combination of Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 to replenish depleted resources.
  • Sweeteners including sugar to replace glycogen and counteract the effects of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) during alcohol consumption.
  • Minerals including potassium and sodium to improve cell functions and boost electrolyte system.
  • Ginger and other natural ingredients to boost immune system without worsening nausea.
  • Sweet citrus taste


zero hangover shotZero Hangover is available in a pack of 3 bottles, 6 bottles, and 12 bottles. You can now purchase the drinks from convenience stores, drug stores, college book stores, premium hotels, liquor stores, night clubs, and resorts. These drinks are not prevention of hangover, but effective treatments to get you ready to engage in any activity in the morning without the headache and sickness. Instead of trying many different things, drinking a bottle of Zero Hangover addresses most (if not all) symptoms that develop after alcohol intake. It is practical, easy, quick, yet affordable way to stay focus even after heavy drinking.


Zero Hangover Effectiveness


Zero Hangover drinks work well as hangover remedies only for those who follow the direction of use attached to the bottle. It is worth mentioning that everybody has different metabolism speed, so the benefits of Zero Hangover may not immediately take effect for a few of us. Body weight also plays major role; people weighing 175 lbs or less should drink a bottle of Zero Hangover, while those weighing between 175 lbs and 275 lbs will need to take two bottles.

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