Does Zero HangoverTM work for everyone?

Honestly. No. Zero Hangover works for about 97% of all users who follow the directions of use. Approximately 3% of all consumers of alcohol metabolically process alcohol (ethanol) slower than the majority of consumers. That small minority of people will not benefit from the same impressive affect that Zero Hangover has on the majority of users. However, even if you are one of the minority of users who are not prevented from experiencing a hangover…..the duration and intensity of hangover symptoms will be reduced.

Does one Zero HangoverTM shot, work for all body weights?

We recommend that for people weighing up to 175 lbs, a single Zero Hangover “shot,” is probably sufficient. We recommend for people who weigh from 175 lbs to 275 lbs, two Zero Hangover “shots,” may help to insure optimum performance of the Zero Hangover formulation.

What makes Zero HangoverTM different from the other similar products on the market that treats hangovers?

First, there is no “similar” products on the market. Second, ONLY Zero Hangover has been issued a US Patent as a prevention for alcohol based hangovers. Third, other products on the market are advertised to “relieve” hangover symptoms or they must be consumed throughout the process of consuming alcoholic beverages to “hopefully” reduce hangover symptoms. Only the US Patented product Zero Hangover is taken at the end of your consumption of alcoholic beverages to prevent hangovers.

Does it matter what types of alcoholic beverages are consumed for Zero HangoverTM to work?

No. Alcohol (ethanol) is Alcohol. Alcohol in beer or wine is basically the same as alcohol in whiskey or rum. Only the percentages or “proofs,” are different between types of alcoholic beverages. Zero Hangover works with them all.

What does Zero HangoverTM taste like?

Zero Hangover has a slightly sweet citrus type of flavor. It has been “flavor tested,” to insure it is considered highly palatable to the consumer. Yum!

Can anyone use Zero HangoverTM?

If you are legally and medically able to consume alcoholic beverages……then Zero Hangover can be safely consumed as well.

Where can I purchase Zero HangoverTM?

Watch for Zero Hangover at all of your Premium Liquor Stores and Top-Shelf Night Clubs. You can also ask for it at Convenience Stores, College Book Stores, Drug Stores and Premium Hotels and Resorts. Of course you can always order it right off our Zero Hangover website right now!

What happens if I take Zero HangoverTM two nights in a row?

You won’t get a hangover two mornings in a row.

Will Zero HangoverTM allow me to purposely over consume alcohol without fear of a hangover?

Zero HangoverTM NEVER recommends anyone purposely over consume alcohol.  Drink Responsibly at all times.  NEVER Drink and Drive.  Always use a designated driver.  Only drink in safe and secure locations and with people you know and trust.


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